I installed the reg file and it didn't work. i've just installed 3 other programs so i guess that wasn't the problem...i still get the error message with module not found, which it says for wherever i try to create the initial file. i've included a jpg of the error message. thanks for your help with this.
Please download Efficient Man's Organizer 1.05 Build 18 (beta version) at to check whether this problem still exists. Thank you for helping us to make the software better.

Is there a way to delete the whole calendar and re-import a fresh copy (so I don't have to manually delete each duplicate event).
Pleas click Go->Events command, then press Ctrl+A to choose all records; or you can click some records to realize multiple chosen records when you press Ctrl key. Press Ctrl+D to delete all the chosen records after it finished.

I have downloaded your free version of the Efficient Mans Organizer, and I was planing on buying the full version, but I seem to have an issue with birthday's. According to the help files birthday and anniversary notifications alerts are to be given to me 5 days in advance. I have input some contacts that have birthday this week and I am not receiving any notifications. I would like to be able to look at my calender and see all the birthdays for the current week, can the program do that?, if not, then it is not functional enough for me to waste the money to buy it. Please clarify this issue for me. I can't seem to resolve it via your webstie or the help files.
Please input the birthday of the contact in the editing interface of the contact, and choose "Remind me" option in the rear.

I just downloaded the free version of efficient man's organizer, but when i open the program and try to create a new file, directing it to my document folder on my I:drive, (I:x's documents), it tells me that i can't create the file because the module is not found. how do i solve this? i have only run into this one other time and it was another organizer program. i am using win 7.
Sorry for such problem. This is due to the damage of your registration table by other software. Please operate as the following method. 1. Save the document in the attachment in to your hard disk. 2. Double click this document (.reg). 3. Click 'Yes' to import the document in to the registration table. 4. Run the software to see whether it can run well.

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