How would one synch the data by a flash drive? Can the program and data be downloaded onto a USB storage and then used on a remote computer and then brought back to the main computer for updating? When is the future version coming out? Will people with the current version be able to upgrade to that new version and just automatically move the data over or would the data have to be input all over again?
You could backup the data in one computer to a USB flash drive and then restore it to the other computer. Or you could download the portable version directly.

I am trying to import diary entries from efficient diary into efficient man's organizer (both free editions). I export the diary entries from ED as a .csv file. However, when I import them into EMO, it only imports the dates, no content. Also, is there a way to import/export all folders at once or do they have to be done individually?
Please make sure the first line in the comma delimited file to be imported must be the line for column header; otherwise this file cannot be imported.

If I enter an event for a given date, how do I mark the event as completed, as If I am away from EMO, and come back to it a day later, the event is marked as "over due"?
You couldn't mark an event as completed. You could only mark the task as completed.

Could you let me know the different between Efficient Man's Organizer and Efficient PIM Pro?
Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer has the same features of EfficientPIM.But Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer adopts the new interface technology and has more themes to choose.

What is the email & ftp info for? I don't see those integrated into anything?
In the current version, the software only records the user's name and login password information of your email account and ftp account. It does not support email sending and receiving, either ftp client function.

However, when I took my memory stick to work today and opened it up, there was no data there that I had entered.
Please do not worry, the software will not delete any of your data or documents automatically. The cause maybe that: you have opened other .eff document, please try as the following method: After your run of the program, please click "Open" button, then find your pervious .eff document in USB flash drive, then open it.

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