I have been depending on Efficient Man's Organizer Free Edition for over three years, and I can't live without it. Unfortunately, I opened it today and it says that My Information.effx is not a valid Efficient Man's Organizer Free file. I tried opening my old backup files with the same error. I re-installed Efficient Man's Organizer Free and it still won't work. I even downloaded and installed the latest version (3.60 Build 352), and it can't open files. At that point, I decided to create a new file, in a different location, and I get this message: My information.effx cannot be created. Possible cause(s): Invalid file format. I am using Windows XP Professional, SP 3. Ya, I know, XP is coming to an end, but I like it. Any suggestions will be welcome.
did you open the desktop icon of Efficient Man's Organizer ? if yes, maybe there are something wrong with this desktop icon. please try to open efficient man's organizer in the file as shown below

Hello, I downloaded Efficient Man's Organizer trial. The program is just perfect! I was searching for such a perfect program for months. But the only thing that I dislike: If I create a task I can't set a time of the task. If I create an event I can set a time but I can't later mark it as fulfilled. But it's very important for me. I want to create a task, set a time when it must be done and then mark it as done. May be I couldn't find how to do this. Please tell me if it is possible to do. If not - will it be possible in the future versions.
we are sorry that now it does not support this function, thanks for your suggestion, we will think about it

When I insert my registration code it works fine but when I close it and then reopen it I have to re-enter the code again this is not right is it so how do I fix it. thanks mick
we are sorry that your time for free upgrade has been expired at Nov.27th, 2012, please renew at: these days SPECIAL OFFER, after you renew it, you can enjoy the life time free upgrade it in the future. the special offer will be less and less with the time going by, so the earlier, the better

Hello! Make I sync.Efficient Man's/Lady's Organize (to do) with android in my phone?
sorry that now our software can not support android we are developing this kind of version.

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