Hello, My name is Will, I'm a very satisfied user of your Efficient Man's Organizer, but I am having trouble setting up a recurring task. Here is the situation: I get paid twice per month on the 15th and 30th of the month. Each pay I would like to transfer a certain amount into my savings. I tried to set up a recurring task, with a reminder, that would recur on the 16th and the 1st of the month, but there was no recurrence rule that could do that (for example, monthly on day X and day Y). So I decided to set up two tasks, one called "Mid-month transfer" and I set it up to recur "monthly" on "the last 17th of the month". That one, with a reminder one day before, works nicely for the pay I receive on the 15th. However, I am unable to set up one that recurs on the 1st of the month to take care of the pay I receive on the 30th. The only other choices for "monthly" recurrence are: - the 15th of the month - the 3rd Thursday of the month - the last Thursday of the month - the 11th weekday of the month - the last 12th weekday of the month The list of options is rather limited, and it's just by chance that there was a "17th of the month" that worked for one of the tasks. It would be really helpful if there was a monthly recurrence for the beginning of the month. What would be even better would be a monthly recurrence with the ability to select one or more days for it to happen. That is, choose "monthly" recurrence, then be able to go to a calendar and select the 1st and the 16th for it to recur on. If you can give me any options for setting up a task that recurs on the 1st or 2nd of the month, I would be most appreciative.
when you enter into the recurrence interface, you can first set the 'start' as the picture below, and you can see the choice of the monthly has changed

I'd like to create " lists " or manage my contacts though different tabs like. Men and women. Or different circles.
Please click 'New Group' on the 'Actions' menu to create a new contact group. and you can choose it as a general group or a subgroup. and also you can right-click the group to rename and add subgroup of it

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