Recently I've bought the Efficient man's organizer software. I am facing the problem while connecting to server. It needs the authentication User name & password which I'm eventually misguided or couldn't find. Could you please help me how /where to find the same & resolve asap.
You can click here to see the guide of connecting to server: The default administrator name is SYSDBA, and the password is masterkey. And after you connect to server as administrator, you can click File -> Uers to manage other users.

Your free program 'Efficient Man's Organizer Free' I found has a little problem in terms of creating Tasks. For some reason, when I create Tasks (not an event), I cannot seem to select a 'start date' or 'due date' for them. I did restart the program to find the problem still persisted. Is there a patch that you could make in order to fix this problem?
Do you mean this problem occur in the task-editing window? You can click Customize Current View on the Navigation Panel to select Start date and Due date to display on the main window. And when you select an entry and click the field them, you can change the date. Or you can download the latest version to have a try: And you can download Efficient Man's Organizer Pro which has more functions to have a try:

Is there I way I can go in and make my font the same for each and every entry?
You can click Tools -> Options -> Fonts to change the fonts of this software. And you can see more detailed information about fonts at

My setup, in time will get a lot of events per day, the problem is that the "Calendar" view, can only display a limited number of events per day, and this number depends on the size of the application window. On my PC if I maximize, then only 13 events are displayed. Is it possible to add a scrollbar for the events in the "Calendar" view, i.e. have two scroll bars there one for the events, and the other, which is now available, which scrolls the hours of one day.
Our software sets limit room for the All day events, you can set the concrete time for each event, and they will be dispalyed in another half screem.

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