I found Man's Organizer very interesting however in PT-PT there are many many errors. Is there any file where I can translate it so I can have it right.
Please help us correct the errors according this guide In oder to thank you for your kindness, this register code is for you EMO-***

1. My setup, in time will get a lot of events per day, the problem is that the "Calendar" view, can only display a limited number of events per day, and this number depends on the size of the application window. On my PC if I maximize, then only 13 events are displayed. Is it possible to add a scrollbar for the events in the "Calendar" view, i.e. have two scroll bars there one for the events, and the other, which is now available, which scrolls the hours of one day. 2. The second issue is the contact's photo. While it is possible to add photos, it is not possible to export them, something like a "Save as" or "Open" button. I see that using the attachments would be an workaround, but if the app will be use by another person, not by myself, he/she might by mistake add it to photo, and later that photo will not be available for export (making print screens, is not an option ;) )... Is it possible, to add these 2 features? How soon could you add them?
1.You can click Day View on Toolbar in Calendar module, so that your all events will be displayed according time. 2.As far as the second question, I'm sorry about that and we will improve it . But now you can delete the photo and add a new one in Attachment.

I have My Efficient Man's Organizer Free installed with entered contact info in it on an old laptop. I copied the program with that data in it to a flash drive. I downloaded the same software into my new laptop. Could you please forward me instructions on how to import the data from the flash drive into the newly installed My Efficient Man's Organizer Free program? Thank you.
Firstly, please download the software in our website and install it into your new computer. Secondly, backup the data in your old computer. Thirdly, restore the backup file in the new software in your new computer.

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