I am currently running version 1.08 build 28. If I buy a license for networking version for $20, will it upgrade my existing software to the latest networking software? Do I need to purchase a $20 license for each computer I use it on?
Yes, you could upgrade to the latest version. Yes. Each computer need obtain a network authority.

I'm still using the evaluation version. Is there a limit to the number of events that can be entered?
In principle, our software doesn't have limit on the amount of the events.

May i know how Efficient Man's Organizer can work in iOS platform? i mean sync between device?
Sorry, the current version of our software doesn't have the sync. feature, but we will add it in the next version.

Can't find anything different between Man's Organizer and PIM, except for skins. Blurbs claim time management feature for Man's Organizer but I can't find it.
Yes, the only difference between Efficient PIM and Man's Organizer is the interface styles.

I researched all the difference avenues available to use your product. However, I couldn't find anything that mentioned Android support, specifically with the new cloud and 'ice cream sandwich' technology'.
Yes, the current version of our software only support Windows OS.

When downloading, I did not realize the program was a 'trial' version. I'm not 100% of the date, but wouldn't be hard to locate.
Yes, we have a free edition and a 30 days fully functional trial edition. The trial edition has exactly the same feature as the paid edition, so you could enter the registration code to use it forever.

Nice update! But all my data is lost or not usable. How is that possible, I don't know.
In principle, when you open the old .eff file in the new version, the system should upgrade the file to .effx automatically. Please make sure the file you opened is in the local folder, that means it is not in the networked folders or redirected folders.

i would like to have the understanding of using menu bar items instructions for feeding the tasks therein. Is there any manual which explains the functions clearly eg entering appointment schedule, etc as i am using it for the first time.
You could get the general instruction in the help. Please press F1.

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