Go to the Tasks Function Module

You can go to the Tasks function module by clicking the command Go -> Tasks, or by clicking the 'Tasks' button on the navigation panel in the main window.

Navigation Panel

Tasks can be managed by group. You can click Actions -> New Group to create a new task group. 'Other Tasks' is the default group in Efficient Man's Organizer. If a task does not belong to any custom group, it will belong to the 'Other Tasks' group. You can not delete or rename the 'Other Tasks' group, or add a subgroup for it.

If you click the name of a group, tasks belonging to this group appear in the task list on the right.

When you right-click the name of a group on the group list, you can rename or delete this group.

Drag and drop is supported when you manage groups. You can drag 'Group A' to 'Group B' to make it a subgroup of 'Group B'; and you can also drag 'Group A' to 'All Tasks' or 'Other Tasks' to make it a normal group (i.e. a group that is not a subgroup of any other group).

When you click the 'Hide completed tasks' button in the navigation panel, overdue tasks will be displayed on the right. It is similar if you click any other buttons.

Task Display List

Tasks can be displayed in trees, in cards or in a table. If you need to create a subtask, please display the tasks in tree view. You can click View -> Table View/Card View/Tree View to change the way tasks display.

The task display list is on the right side of the main window. When you right-click the list, a popup menu appears. You can double-click a task to open it in the edit task window. If you double-click some blank space in the list, the window to add a new task will display.

If you press 'Ctrl+N', the window to add a new task will appear; when you press 'Ctrl+O', the window to edit the currently selected task will appear; and when you press 'Ctrl+D', the currently selected task will be deleted and moved to the Recycle Bin.

If you hope more information, such as all fields, comment, attachment(s), etc., of the currently selected task can appear below the list, please click View -> Details /Comment.

If the task list is displayed in tree view, you can modify the order or level of the tasks by drag and drop.

If the current list hasn't been sorted: by default, if you drag the source task onto the target task, the two tasks will be in the same level and the source task will be moved before (over) that target task in the list; if you hold down the Alt key while dragging the source task, it will be moved behind (below) the target task; if you hold down the Shift key while dragging the source task, it will become the target task's subtask.

If the current list has been sorted (e.g. by Due Date descending): because there is no concept of task order in an already sorted task list, the source task will always become the target task's subtask.

You can manage the grouping of tasks by drag and drop. You can drag a task in the list directly into a group in the navigation panel on the left.

Add New Task and Edit Task

The window to add a new task and to edit a task are the same.

You can specify a label (different labels have different colors) for a task. After that, when the task is displayed in the task display list, it is displayed with the specified background color. You can click 'Options' on the 'Tools' menu to customize each task label's name.

You can set how many days before the start date or due date of the task when the software reminds you.

The 'Related Contacts' of a task usually mean those assigned to complete the task.

After you have entered all the information of the task in the new task window, press 'Ctrl+S' to save it.


Tasks can repeat according to some rules, such as occurring every several days, once a week on certain weekday, once a month on some day from the end of the month, etc.

If a task is a recurring task, when the current task is completed, a new task will be generated automatically. The start date and due date of the new task are the next occurring dates calculated based on the recurrence pattern.

If you want to skip the current occurrence of a recurring task, please click Tools -> Skip One Occurrence in the edit task window.

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